David Montgomery
David MontgomeryDirector
David or Monty (as he is most commonly known) is the founder of Media Monty. His experience includes a variety of broadcasting projects including television programmes, radio shows, interviews, sports coverage and recently the Russia World Cup 2018.
Ludo Barrier
Ludo Barrier Producer
Ludo, from Saint-Étienne, France has been involved with Media Monty since the start. His passion for filming, audio production and chatting to anyone who will listen allows him to be the best producer we could ask for.
Lorena Hurtado-Olmos
Lorena Hurtado-Olmos Editor
Lorena, from Valencia, Spain is the editor at Media Monty. Her attributes of being creative as well as a perfectionist means she is the perfect person for the job.
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown Camera Operator
If Jamie is not out on location filming you can find him organising kit, testing new lenses and perfecting his lighting set ups.
The go to person for everything camera related. If not on set he is most likely in the gym.